JULY 2020
   Rutherford County  North Carolina
Labor Force  25,570 4,965,432
Employed  22,822 4,524,153
Unemployed  2,748 441,279
Rate  10.7% 8.9% 

Source: NC Department of Commerce, Labor & Economic Analysis Division, Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS)


A chart detailing the past 10 years of civilian labor force estimates for Rutherford County, North Carolina is available below. The chart is comprised of data gathered from current and previous releases of Local Area Unemployment Statistics provided by the North Carolina Department of Commerce, Labor & Economic Analysis Division. Please note the below chart is not seasonally adjusted as only unadjusted estimates are available for geographies below the state level.

The employment and wage data represented here are estimates only. This report (OES) provides the number of employees and entry level, average (mean), median and experienced wage information for the most recent year as reported through Labor & Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Each annual estimate is based on the most recent two semi-annual surveys, and represents the most current data available. These annual estimates are published in late spring. 

Rutherford County Occupational Employment and Wages - Annual - 2019
Rutherford County Economic Development Commission can provide detailed and specific wage and/or workforce information for your client / project for a variety of geographies such as the county, workforce region, and other areas. 

Major Employers in Rutherford County, North Carolina


Contact: Diane Hodge
Fax: (828) 287-2735

On The Job Training Program – provides incentives for business to help defray the cost of training eligible new employees. The program also provides training opportunities in the local business community to adults and dislocated workers. 

WorkKeys® – provides an assessment system for area businesses by connecting work skills, training, and testing for education and employers. Value is estimated at $3,000 per job with first job profiled at no cost.  

Contact: Mark Franklin
Phone: (828) 395-1677

Statewide Customized Training and Development Program – this program was developed in recognition of the fact that one of the most important factors for a business or industry considering locating, expanding, or remaining in North Carolina is the ability of the State to ensure the presence of a well-trained workforce. The program is designed to react quickly to the needs of businesses and to respect the confidential nature of proprietary processes and information within those businesses. Isothermal Community College's Customized Training and Development Program offers support to new and existing business.

Career Readiness Certification Program - The Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is an assessment-based credential that gives employers and career seekers a uniform measure of key workplace skills. Isothermal Community College provides testing and support for Career Readiness Certification.

NCWorks Career Centers want local businesses to have a strong workforce. Therefore, they offer resources and services to aid employers in finding, training and retaining qualified employees. Want to know the best part? The services listed below are offered at no cost to businesses:
    • Job applicant screening and qualified candidate referrals
    • Valuable and up-to-date labor market facts and projections, such as wages
    • Information on tax credits for hiring particular groups of workers
    • Space to conduct job interviews
    • Help arranging job fairs
    • Workshops on employer-related subjects
    • Reference library
    • Employee training resources
    • Layoff/closure prevention services for employers
    • Information about Federal Bonding (insurance for hiring at-risk workers)
Employers can also train employees through different programs that are designed to improve the skills of workers.

On-the-Job Training programs help employers train individuals for a position. The program reimburses companies for up to 50 percent of the employee’s wages during the time of the training.

NCWorks Apprenticeship prepares individuals for an industry through a combination of classroom instruction and On-the-Job Training.

NCWorks Incumbent Worker Training Grants provide grants to employers to pay for the cost of training their workers. 

NCWorks Online is the state’s official job search website, giving employers the ability to search for candidates based on their skills, work experience, and resumes. Businesses can also take advantage of real-time information on the labor market, contact and save their favorite candidates, and find local training programs for their workers.

NCWorks Career Center – Rutherford County
223 Charlotte Road 
Rutherfordton, NC 28139

Contact: Michael Tanner
Phone: (828) 286-3042
Fax: (828) 286-3326

Rutherford County participated in the NCWorks Certified Work Ready Communities initiative and is an ACT Work Ready Community